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Friday, December 19, 2008

Lights in the ice

We had an ice storm today, December 19, and I decided to freeze my butt off and take some photos. I have many more, but not the time at the moment to post them all. I hope your enjoy.

"Weeping Cherry"
Program AE
Exposure 0.8 sec at f4.5 (tripod)
ISO 800

"Weeping Branches"
Program AE
Exposure 2.5 sec at f.6 (tripod)
ISO 800

"Cold yellow light"
Program AE
Exposure 0.3 sec at f5.6 (tripod)
ISO 800

"Frozen partners"
Aperture Priority
Exposure 1.6 sec at f16 (tripod)
ISO 800

©Copyright Wayne Woodruff 2008


John said...

My favorite is the "frozen partners". Cold Yello light is good but a little too phallic. The first one would have been great withoout the window behind it distracting from the image. Nice work. I have an old Nikon I should pull it out of retirement.

Woody said...

Thanks John! I like all the colors in the icicle in the Cold Yellow Light image and yes, it is a bit phallic.