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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hot Air Balloon

This beautiful balloon passed directly over my house today. I thought I'd share it's beauty. I happened to catch it with a good light angle, so part of the balloon is reflective and the other is shaded.

Canon EF 24-105mm L f4 IS USM lens
105mm Focal Length
Exposure 1/125 sec @ f4.5
ISO 100
Curves adjusted for contrast


Marka said...

We have baloons out and about around here on a regular basis when the weather is decent, but they're never that close!

Great photo! Great colors.

Woody said...

Thanks Marka.

Our house was built 19 years ago. We were the second house on the street, so there was plenty of open space around us and we used to get balloons landing around us all the time. As the houses came, the balloons departed, but we still see them from time to tome.