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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sneak peek

Here's a shot of one of our future Swallowtail's. He's a munchin' on parsley. That's his roommate in the background, along with numerous piles of caterpillar poop. They eat so much now, that their containers must be cleaned and refilled twice a day.

Canon EF 24-105mm L f4 IS USM lens
28mm Focal Length
Exposure 1/60 sec @ f5.6
ISO 100
Curves adjusted for contrast


Marka said...

As long as they eat their veggies to grow up and be big strong Swallowtail butterflies. One thing I've noticed is that caterpillars tend not to be terribly picky about the greens that they eat.

How may of the little guys do you have?

Woody said...

Marka, I know we have at least 5, probably closer to 8. There are several more outside because we've run out of containers!