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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Who did it? Katydid

This katydid was handing around the back door near the bug light, munchin' on small bugs.  I guess that  indicates that the bug light is not really effective, eh?  Since it was 9:30PM, I was too lazy/tired to get the tripod, so I used the flash instead.  It's like it's (she's?) staring directly at you. 

Canon EF 100mm f4 Macro USM lens
100mm Focal Length (no kidding!)
Exposure 1/60 sec @ f2.8
ISO 200
Curves adjusted for contrast
flash used


Marka said...

And here all this time I was under the impression that Katydidn't.

David said...

Look into my eyes! You are getting very sleepy, sleepy, sleepy, oh you have a camera! Be sure to get my best side. I'd like a 8X10 glossy to give to my special friend, OK. Thanks