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Monday, January 4, 2010

Tall Tower

All this ice and snow is fun, but it's time for  something different. 

This is Murphy Hall at Arcadia University, shot from the courtyard.  Murphy was one of the original building on the estate.  It was originally a carriage house and has been transformed into more practical uses for the university.

I happen to really like the late day lighting and the *really* cool window.  Yes, the clock keeps perfect time. 

Canon EF 24-105mm L f4 IS USM lens
24mm Focal Length
Exposure 1/80 sec @ f6.3
ISO 200
Curves adjusted


Martha in PA said...

Great shot! Are you able to visit the campus, or do you need a reason to be there? I would love to see in person the things you are sharing. My cousin's daughter attends school there, I might have to go take her out to lunch or something!!

Marilla said...

I feel the same way about the snow and cold - they are pretty but it's nice to take photos of something else too. Good capture of this tower, I like it a lot!

Pacey said...

I love towers and going up if possible...this is one great shot as always you do deliver Wayne.