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Friday, May 22, 2009


I found this neat little waterfall in Springfield Township, Bucks County.
GPS Coordinates N40 34.314 W75 15.281. Here's a google map for the location.

I was riding around and saw the sign for "Funks Mill Rd" and thought "what a cool name!" and "I wonder if there is a Funks Mill that might make for some cool photos?", so naturally, I took the road. Funks Mill Rd is gravel at this point and the waterfall is near Haupts Bridge Road at a sharp bend in the road. This makes for hazardous shooting conditions when a car passes. Fortunately, when I ride, I wear a highly reflective vest.

I didn't find the mill, however, based on the info at the site below, and my GPS tracks, I was very close. The mill might make for some interesting shots. Here's a link to a photo of the mill.

This shot looks like something from an inspirational poster or a greeting card.

43mm Focal Length,
Exposure 1/50 @ f5.6
ISO 800

Here's another shot zoomed in a bit

109 mm Focal Length,
Exposure 1/50 @ f5.0
ISO 800

©Copyright Wayne Woodruff 2009

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Dot said...

You're right! These look like they could be used for those Successories posters...awesome photos!