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Monday, May 25, 2009


We had a spectacular storm pass north of us Friday evening, so I had the opportunity to take my time photographing lightning without worying about getting wet (or zapped). I used manual mode and set the shutter to Bulb (camera on a tripod). I fixed the film speed at 100, the aperature at f5, and manually focused on infinity. I blocked the eyepiece and used a remote control for the camera. Basically, you open the shutter, wait for an event, then close the shutter. That said, I only got one really decent shot (it took me a while to get this all sorted out). The vertical light in the lower left corner is from some landscaping lighting.

Be sure to click on the image to view a larger version. It will show much more detail.

I was tempted to tweak the exposure in Lightroom, but I decided to leave it alone.

55mm Focal Length,
Exposure 5 sec @ f5
ISO 100
©Copyright Wayne Woodruff 2009


T and S said...

One can appreciate the beauty of this image only when they see the larger version by clicking on the image. I was happy I did that.

Woody said...

Thank you T and S. I'll add a note indicating that the view should look at the larger image. This was my first attempt to shoot lightning with this camera, so I'm still learning.