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Sunday, September 13, 2009


This is a shot of the right cylinder and head from my motorcycle. I thought it was interesting, you probably do not. That's OK, I'm not insulted.

Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM lens
Exposure 1/30 sec @ f2.8
ISO 800

So mikeshandssay suggests I crop this to strengthen the image and I did. He's dead on.

Thanks Mike!


Marka said...

Cool! What do you ride?

Woody said...

Thanks Marka. I have a BMW R1100S, which can be seen at

Anonymous said...

I _really_ like where the picture is going.

I think if you bring in the left crop about 25% it will become a stronger image

Woody said...

So Mike, crop it such that the smooth part of the valve cover is eliminated from the photo? I did so and saved it here:

I agree, it's much stronger. Thanks for the suggestion!!

Jack Riepe said...

Dear Sir:

While bringing in the left crop could be perceived as an improvement, I would classify it as an "enhancement" of interpretation. To actually improve the subject, I recommend parking it in my driveway and allowing me to add some naturally accrued contrast.

I am open to a discussion on photographic lighting, as I have recently become something of an expert on illumination.

Woody said...

Dear Jack,

I shudder to think what "naturally accrued contrast" would consist of. Why would you be an expert in illumination? You have always claimed you do your best work in the dark? ;-)

MattPie said...

Jack, you forgot that it's Mike that rides the Suzuki, not Wayne. BMWs don't require 'natural contrast'.

Also, Wayne the head is too clean. Stop polishing and ride. :)

(Really cool photo though)

Woody said...

Dear Matt,

I really don't clean my bike that much. I guess it doesn't get that dirty, I dunno.